Services and Prices

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Basic Tuning

€120 (1 hour)

Full-Service Tuning

€170 (2 hours, for pianos last serviced 3 years ago or more. Covers pitch adjustment, cleaning, lubricating action parts, bench servicing)


€80 for first hour, €50 per hour thereafter

Half-Day Service

€225 (4 hours - deep cleaning, regulation, voicing, dependent on need)

Full Day Service

€375 (6.5 hours - for optimal set up of your piano, dependent on need)

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why does my piano go out of tune?
    For the most part, out of tune pianos are due to temperature and humidity changes. Your piano is mostly made of wood, which expands and contracts quite a lot, so when your heat come on or goes off, fires are lit, changes of season etc, the tuning will change a lot. Lots of playing will also affect it.
  • How often should it be tuned?
    For regular use in Ireland, with standard central heating, I’d suggest once or twice a year. (Bear in mind that professional concert pianos are often tuned several time a week). If you play daily, I’d suggest even more frequently. If you move a piano, it’s good idea to have it tuned when in it’s new location a month or so, to acclimatise.
  • What's a Pitch Raise?
    If a piano hasn’t been tuned in several years, the overall pitch begins to fall, so if you are playing with other instruments, they will need to tune down to the piano. To bring it back up to pitch often takes 2 or 3 quick tunings before a finer final tuning is done. In essence it takes me a bit longer to get it where it needs to go.
  • Why do pianos need maintenance?
    A great way to think of your piano is like a car. Mostly we fill it with petrol, sit in and drive. But from time to time, to be at its best, it needs new brakes, tyres and oil etc. Your piano is much the same, and your playing and enjoyment can be greatly enhanced with some regular maintenance on your piano. Contact me anytime to discuss this.
  • Do you do specific repairs too?
    Yes. Most specific problems with pianos yield to a bit of professional TLC. Broken strings? Clicking sounds? Squeaky pedals? Loose keytops? A good old clean? Most of these I can deal with there and then. Price is €40 per hour, parts extra.
  • What are your qualifications?
    I graduated in Piano Technology at Western University in Ontario, Canada in 2007.
Mike at work

About Me

Michael Laffan
Certified Piano Technician

A native of Limerick, I became Certified Piano Technician, training in Canada in 2007. Since then I’ve worked in the USA and Ireland, spending time in piano restoration and rebuilding, and have tuned in universities, churches, venues, private homes, piano shops, on pianos great and small.